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We use the best antiseptics to eliminate viruses and microbes, the most important of which is the Corona virus


Products and equipment to eradicate and destroy wasps and wasp nests, including high reach dusters and protective beekeepers suits.


Severe infestations of brown recluse or black widow spiders require specialized skills and equipment to eradicate.


Deterrents for flies, flying insect pest control products to control house flies, blow flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes, midges, cluster flies and wasps.


Effective flea control should encompass both chemical and physical methods and should be conducted on your pet as well as inside and outside of your home.


Pest control products to eradicate rats, mice, moles and squirrels. rat poisons, mouse poisons, pest traps and electronic pest control products.


Cockroach pest control products, for German and Oriental cockroaches, roach traps, cockroach killer powders, cockroach control gel baits and dusts.

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About Ghina

Ghina International Company has more than 20 years experience in the field of pest control, providing its services in Riyadh. One of its most important services is spraying pesticides, getting rid of bedbugs and cockroaches in homes, education houses, hospitals and restaurants in an effective, safe and not harmful to public health.

Our goal is to enjoy with our customers in a healthy environment free from insects by applying an integrated pest control program and maintaining the health of our customers by using pesticides that are odorless and harmless to humans and the environment

Rich training for technicians is not just an outlay, but it is the basis of work as technicians cannot treat pests without extensive theoretical and practical training. The training process is ongoing over many periods of the year and we are proud of the performance of technicians working with us.




Environmental Sanitation

The global interest in exploration and insect control has grown due to the fact that the environment is the medium in which a person is born and lives, and it is a system created by God Almighty with a wonderful balance in which he breached and destroyed him, so the problems that called for the necessity of implementing environmental sanitation programs emerged, and accordingly, the concept of environmental reform is to modify what is corrupted by man A balance that has aggravated the numbers of certain diseases that cause disease to humans

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